If you're a healthy woman having a normal pregnancy with no medical or obstetrical risk factors, giving birth at home is an option for you. Giving birth at home allows you to labor and birth in a familiar and comfortable surrounding. You'll have more control over your birth experience than you would in a hospital. At home, you get to share the experience with only those you want and feel comfortable with, in the privacy of your own home, without interruptions. You and your midwife team have created a great rapport and relationship so that your needs will be taken care of with little fuss. For a sense of what a home birth can be like, check out our client reviews!



All Prenatal visits 

Labor/Birth support -support is included if you need to transfer; we will remain with you.

Two hours immediate postpartum care

 4-6 postpartum visits

NOT included is a small fee for the birth tub rental, birth kit, lab work, placenta encapsulation, ultrasounds, or hospital cost should you need to transfer during labor.


Placenta Encapsulation

We offer placenta encapsulation, which has many great postpartum effects, to Simply Born clients at a discount. We can add herbs for a small extra fee. Tinctures and salves are also available for an extra fee.

Lactation Help

Raquel is our resident lactation consultant and can be available for 1-2 hour visits in home or at the birth center. She will watch you nurse, go over different options, and help you work through any difficulties.

Birth Pool with Sanitary Liner

For those interested in a water birth, we rent out birth pools for you to use during your labor and birth. The rental fee is $75 and you must purchase a sanitary liner for $40 as part of your birth kit. You would pick up the pool at your 38 week appointment and return it by your 2 week postpartum visit.



Newborn Screening

We offer newborn screening (also called PKU screening). The fee includes the screening kit as well as the screen itself. This is one you order through the state, the info on how is in your 34 week packet.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is available for clients choosing unassisted births or those birthing elsewhere. Fee covers visit, any blood work, testing, etc. is available at an additional charge.  Ask about our package deal!