My home birth was fierce, beautiful and empowering

My home birth was fierce and beautiful and empowering. I walked away from this experience with a new found strength and complete faith in my maternal instincts. After my first daughter’s birth, I was left questioning my instincts, my self awareness, and every decision I made as a mother, all because my ability to choose was taken from me the moment I stepped foot in the hospital. Losing my power and control in those early moments with my first daughter stripped me of my self confidence thereafter. And I had no idea. All I knew was my hospital birth didn’t go as planned and I was disappointed, but I had a healthy baby, so I wasn’t sure why I was disappointed and I felt guilty for feeling disappointment, like, I didn’t appreciate the beautiful little girl God had blessed me with. I now realize that the “disappointment” I felt was actually self doubt and a feeling of weakness. Sara restored my power, strength, and confidence when she looked me in the eyes in a single fierce moment of labor and said, “Trust your body. You can do this.” Soon after, I confidently and proudly welcomed my second daughter into the world. This faith in my maternal instinct has resulted in an all around transformation in my approach to parenting, my relationship with my family and husband, and my career, a transformation which has created a general feeling of ease and tranquility in our lives. And it all started with Sara’s quiet and gentle words, “Trust your body. You can do this.” Thank you, Sara, for helping me find my power and self confidence again.